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Additional Clinical Staff

Phaedra Ruddock-Dunn, is a Licensed Social worker in the State of New Jersey who is committed to working with adolescents, families, individuals and couples. She has spent the past twenty years working in the inner cities of New Jersey and New York.  As a School Social Worker, Child Study Team Member and School Administrator she remained devoted to her goal of inspiring children and families.  She has experience using various treatment modalities, and specializes in holistic based therapy, which strengthens the mind, body and spirit connection.

Phaedra has a history of therapeutic work with people who have experienced domestic violence, foster care, adoption, physical and mental abuse, depression, anxiety and more.  She is committed to understanding the needs of the whole person and the impact environment plays in this and helping guide them to move forward and thrive.

Phaedra is a lifetime learner and has engaged in hours of individual and family based therapy training.   She continues to embark on opportunities to sharpen her skills as a clinician to diversify her practice. 

Phaedra looks forward to providing an environment of healing, compassion, support and understanding to guide you through your life’s journey.


Please contact us at 973-868-4713 to schedule an appointment with Phaedra.

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